About US

Balf is situated at the west side of the country - close to the Hungarian-Austrian border- and it is well known of its heal- and mineral water. Because of its monuments and natural endowment Balf is one of the most important settlements of „Fertő-táj” World Heritage. It is also well known as a starting point of many Lake Fertő biking tours, and as a signifficant part of the Sopron Wine Region.
The „Balf water” is sold in bottled form and it is reachable for low price in almost all supermarkets. The water of sources in Balf has alkali-hydrogen-carbonate-chlorid-sulphur water, and is used for drinking cure, meanwhile the medicinal baths are also used for regaining health. Its positive effect was already known and used by the Romans.

The Castle Hotel Balf

Our hotel is situated 7 km from Sopron and it is awaiting our future guests with comfortable environment and family-like neighbourhood. It was built at the beginning of the 1700s as a castle and includes rooms with antique furniture and at the same time it has all the amenities of our modern era including television, telephone, minibar.
The Castle Hotel is connected to the medical complex including the wellness center by a glass protected corridor.
Free usage of bycicles is provided and guests can also store their bikes in our storage area. Beside our outdoor services, our visitors can also use our billiard and table football. Our guests can park their cars in a closed parkplace. Free wi-fi usage is available, too for our guests.